Meet Raelene



Hey all.

Very glad you’re here. I know how difficult it can be to build a business and how alone and isolating it can be.

I believe in living and making decisions based on who you’re designed to be. Often we are shaped based on life situations and circumstances that can lead us away from the core of who we are. Each of us has self-limiting beliefs that compromise our choices, and a myriad of different reasons for how we live.

Every part of our lives depend on connections and relationships; Relationships with ourselves, our family and friends, colleagues, teams, and customers. When any part is imbalanced or broken it starts a chain reaction that affects the rest of our lives.

I thrive on connecting with others. I’m a natural problem solver who has a knack for recognizing efficiencies. I’m also empathetic and a nurturer to the core. So being a coach is a natural extension of who I’m designed to be. I believe as people, we are designed to be at our best when we collaborate, support, motivate, and encourage each other. Ultimately, we’re stronger together.

Trained in Strategic Intervention, a coaching program developed by world-renowned Anthony Robbins, I support people through personal or professional transitions by helping them get back to who they were, so they can reconcile who they are and move towards who they want to be.

My calling as a coach is to first and foremost respect the humanness of each of us. Compassion to me is empathy in action. Wherever a person finds themselves on their journey, they matter. Everyone deserves to be treated the way you would want to be treated. Demonstrating compassion means being there in the moment – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It isn’t just listening. It’s absorbing the feelings behind the message and working together towards a resolution.

Clients come to me because they haven’t been able to find the answers they’ve been looking for. They’re looking for a different perspective, someone to ask the questions they haven’t thought to ask. I’m there to support them. Coaches act as a mirror; a reflection of what you already know. Questions help my clients come to the realizations that are necessary for change and growth. Questions equal clarity, and clarity helps define their future.

Having the courage to change is incredibly brave, and you don’t have to do it alone. Understanding who you’re designed to be, as an individual and as a business, is integral to a successful, fulfilling life.