Raelene Bergen Harder

Full Bio


Raelene Bergen Harder is an entrepreneur, professional facilitator, Founder of Tribe Leadership Consulting, and Personal Mastery Consultant and Coach specializing in Effective Leadership. For 20 years Raelene has worked with individuals and organizations to maximize their effectiveness both at the organizational as well as personal levels.

With an extensive background in program development, marketing, project management and coordination, Raelene and her team have advised executive-level staff on effective communications strategies and tools, as well as overseen the planning and implementation of internal and external communications and production plans for international, national and provincial level projects, including for Rhapsody Strategies, TrueDot Design, Bassi Construction, Urban Quarry, PSD Corp. Pump Systems and Devices, Corporate Events, Employment and Social Development Canada, Sony Pictures, British Telecom, National Geographic, and Family Channel.

Raelene is certified in the Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coaching method, a coaching strategy that focuses on extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines, such as Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, and the psychology of human needs. She has successfully used this methodology to train teams and transform leaders for Francesca Dattilo Coaching, Fitness Journey Coaching, Do Well Coaching, Corporate Bank of China, and Department of National Defence, along with a myriad of entrepreneurs, authors, academics, coaches and therapists. In addition, she has been accepted to and is currently pursuing the prestigious Royal Roads Graduate Degree in Leadership, which uses a sophisticated approach to personal and team leadership that combines communication skills, systems thinking, team building, organizational change, ethics, and action-oriented inquiry.

Raelene is a published author of numerous magazine and blog articles, educational books, an e-book on personal development and growth entitled Surviving To Thriving- A Personal Account, as well as founder of the Epic Life Program, which is used by other coaching organizations. She has developed several highly successful online coaching programs in addition to her work with clients to develop their own signature programs. As an accomplished public speaker, Raelene has given a number of national and local Keynote motivational presentations for Renew Leadership Conference, Women In Business Conference, Rhapsody Strategies Epic Life Program Launch, Refresh Your Passion Conference, Momonday, BizMtl, Women’s Business Network, Women Of The World and Business Epics, as well as numerous workshops such as Surviving To Thriving-Personal Effectiveness, Organizational Mission Vision Values, Understanding Primary Needs and Strategic Visioning, to audiences of all sizes.