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Who Are You DESIGNED To Be?

Does Your Life And Business Make You Excited? Proud?

Building a COACHING Business That RESONATES Is Hard. It really is. There are coaches who will disagree and tell you success is just 3 easy steps away. I’m really happy for them. Truly.

HOWEVER...It didn’t happen that way for me. I’ve lived the BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS of building my coaching business along with Tribe Leadership Consulting and NONE of it has been easy. My heart goes out to all of you who realize how difficult it is to build a strong foundation for your business. To build something that will last. Some of you are well on your way but need colleagues that will support you. Some of you need ideas, tools, skills to add that extra value for your clients. Some of you are just getting started and feel overwhelmed. Whatever the reason is, welcome here. I am going to help you.  


The next stage of your life is going to happen whether you design it or not. If you won’t step up for yourself, who will?


Where To Start

Ten Critical Areas You MUST Consider To Build A Business That Resonates

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Do You Know What You Need? In Your Life? Your Business?

Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Primary Need Assessment help identify how you prioritize what you need in your life and your business to better understand how they affect your decisions and goals. Try our Primary Needs Short Assessment

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Working together is an integral component of real growth. I answer questions, show real coaching sessions and provide useful content you can use in your business.

International Coaching Conversations

Are You A Coach Or Entrepreneur That Wants To Talk Through An Issue? If you aren’t camera shy, I want to invite you to join me on a recorded Zoom call for a coaching session.By recording our session so many coaches that will benefit the conversation.


 Building A Business
That Resonates


There is an Artistry and Architecture necessary in coaching. Like any business, we have a tendency to stay in the areas we are most comfortable. Many coaches know how to help people. They understand deep listening, how to ask meaningful questions and how to be supportive. But many of those same coaches don’t know how to make a business out of their skills. They understand the ART but not the ARCHITECTURE.

Is this you? Are you a great coach but not so confident in the business structure? Are you considering becoming a coach but not sure where to start?


Survivng To Thriving

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“This book is 100% real, 100% honest and 100% brave.”

“It's Raelene. Not many of us have the courage to say we don't have our life together, myself included. But by being so vulnerable in her book, articulating all her insecurities and hurts, she creates an environment where we can be vulnerable together. She asks questions that we are afraid to ask. She dares us to dream those bigger dreams, to hope for a healthier future that we have grown too scared and disappointed to hope for. All in all, it's a poignant read, prepare to be stirred!”

- Shiao-Lan Pan




Raelene Bergen Harder is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author who delivers poignant, impactful, life and business changing keynote addresses. Her workshops inspire leaders to take action and facilitate change both personally and professionally. Raelene infuses all her talks with a clever mix of experience and humour to connect and earn the audience’s trust.


Group Coaching


I only host groups occasionally. If you like learning with others, let me know and I will reach out when I launch the next group.

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