Impact Strategy Session


*Perfect for people who are not sure what they need or who just need some strategies to get moving*


What’s Included:

Three hours working one on one via Zoom or in person if it can be accommodated, our strategy session is designed to provide direct support, a customized accountability plan, step by step action plan and absolutely NO allowance for getting in your own way.

Participants submit one assessment that requires about 45 minutes to complete. The Primary Needs Assessment is an 84 question online needs assessment- written by world-renowned psychotherapist Cloe Madanes and used Tony Robbins- that helps identify how you prioritize what you need in your life and your relationships to better understand how they affect your decisions and goals.


what the Strategy Session covers:


We will review and create a 35-page report of your Primary Needs Assessment. Define areas of strength and areas of support related to how you make decisions and how best to prioritize your relationship and life goals.

Establishing the Priorities

Based on your goals and the strengths and areas of support identified in the assessment, we will uncover your top actionable priorities. These are the areas “that matter most.”

Laying Out A Success Plan

With the priorities clearly identified, we will then help you build a 12-month action plan designed to help you achieve the success you’re looking for. We will also help you break down that success plan into a 90-day action plan to help you focus on the most important priorities in the first 90 days.


The investment

$995 + applicable taxes.

*optional payment plan available*


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