" Raelene has always impressed me with her deep commitment ..."

“I have known Raelene in a professional capacity for 18 years and I have worked with her in a variety of roles; and I have been a client of her coaching business, seeking her advice on team development and issues resolution.

In each of these roles, she has shown strong leadership. She has always demonstrated strong creative vision, and through the years, I have seen her hone her ability to effectively convey that vision to members of her team, colleagues and business partners, inspiring them to work harder or explore further. She also has a gift for recognizing the central issue of problem situations and identifying solutions, either on her own or through consultation.

Raelene has always impressed me with her deep commitment to the projects she takes on. This was most apparent to me in her coaching role. Where most business coaches are reluctant to cross into personal coaching, Raelene realized that some of her clients needed both, and the great lengths she went to in order to ensure that they got what they needed demonstrating to be a high level of commitment to her clients’ success and professional development.”

-AnnMarie Nielsen
Manager, Ministerial and Corporate Events Employment and Social Development Canada

Raelene Harder