" It’s been like she has taken off the blinders ..."

For months it’s been a challenging time for me to find a full-time job with my previous background. Due to many options and ideas as well as the opportunity to start something entirely new, I'm stuck with my thoughts, struggling with decisions and just don’t know where to approach and how to do it in an efficient way in Canada's working culture. As a result of our conversation, I’ve gotten the clear message: Find out what you’re really passionate about and get a job that will fulfill you! It’s been like she has taken off the blinders since now I’m determined and encouraged to listen carefully into myself and drastically change my current approach. It was food for thought and smart advice.

Dear Raelene, this is to be continued ... Thank you so much for taken your time - You have made my day!

-Juvadee Taoha

Trevor Harder